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Brand: Hagan Model: SKIN-BOOST-JR
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Brand: Hagan Model: Hagan Imprägnierspray
The Contour impregnation spray for ski skins (Anti-Stoll Spray) works against the formation of lumps and significantly improves the gliding properties - this makes ski touring a pleasure in any snow conditions and you have to grow the skin with a skin wax significantly less during a tour when clumpi..
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Brand: Majesty Model: Majesty-Hybrid-ski-skins
The new benchmark for climbing skins! The perfect skin for extensive and demanding tours. The unique hybrid adhesive consists of two different layers of technical glue which provide both a perfect bond between the glue and the back of the skin as well as perfect tack to the ski base preventing snow ..
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Brand: Majesty Model: MAJESTY Vadera Adjustable Backcountry
Freeride fixed ski poles are our reliable poles with a long touring grip and vidia tip. They are built for freeride and freetouring. Freeride touring ski poles offer full range of adjustability, lightweight and different grip options for skiing in different terrain. All models are made of light, dur..
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Brand: Hagan Model: SKIN-PURE-87
Hagan touring ski skins are made of 100% mohair, 100% in Austria. Hybrid technology reliably holds the skin to the ski surface yet it can be removed effortlessly without leaving any residue and works wonderfully in freezing conditions even if it is attached multiple times. The skin bag that co..
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SKI MAJESTY Superwolf Touring Skis
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Brand: Majesty Model: 5902701515669
Touring Re//Defined Touring is about weight conscious approach, all-round performance and high quality skiing in diverse terrain. Using the whole length of the contact edge enhances grip, control and drive in the turns. The shape and profile of the camber gives perfect responsiveness, great power tr..
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Brand: Hagan Model: SKIN-ULTRA-87-HYBRID-SKIN
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Brand: Hagan Model: ULTRA 87 HYBRID SKIN
100% Mohair how to clean and reactivate the glue of your hybrid skins..
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Brand: Hagan Model: 9008739000347
The ULTRA 87 is designed for a perfect balance between easy ascents and highly technical runs. The Ultra 87 offers the ideal compromise between lightness and performance. THE ULTRA 87 IS MADE FOR YOU IF ... …YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED RIDER WITH HIGHEST DEMAND IN UP- AND DOWNHILL-PERFORMANCE TECHNICAL D..
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Brand: Hagan Model: 9008739801050
The new Ride 83 is a brilliant companion for all snow conditions. It is ideally equipped for both the ascent and the descent. You'll breeze through long skin tracks in no time and dominate the most demanding descents. It effortlessly sweeps out long turns on groomed pistes, and its width guarantees ..
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Brand: Hagan Model: 9008739000
At 87 mm below the binding, the PURE 87 is the widest ski in our PURE series. Inside the ski there is a core of Paulownia wood. THE PURE 87 IS MADE FOR YOU IF ... ... you are an advanced tourer and are looking for a ski for full downhill performance in terrain. TECHNICAL REFINEMENT Paulownia wood co..
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Brand: Hagan Model: 9008739000
The BOOST 94 is designed for those who are looking for virgin powder, but who also venture into challenging terrain. With the versatile centre width of 94 mm, with this ski you are by no means oversized for alpine tours and traversing is still possible. Thanks to its low weight, the BOOST 94 is ligh..
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